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Who is Chris Jordan ?

Photography for me goes all the way back to when I was a teenager in school. A friend told me he was going to attend some after school photography classes and said I should come along which I did.  Bear in mind this was back in the 90's well before digital cameras came onto the scene, back then it was reels of film in those little metal cases that people had to take to those shops on the high street for processing.  I spent the majority of time using and processing black and white film which to this day is still my favourite style - it just looks cool.

After those classes my interest photography just kept on growing, the more I learned the more I wanted to know more about it, there was no Internet back then so I bought books, read up on it as much as I could.

When the classes ended at school I attended another photography class at my local college and pretty soon I was processing my own film and photographs. I would walk for miles taking photographs, working on composition, taking portraits, landscapes, getting to grips with techniques like the rule of thirds, looking for leading lines and patterns, I took photos of anything that caught my keen little eye.  There was no studio or a workshop where I could work so I  blacked out my bedroom window and turn my little bedroom into a darkroom. There I would spend near enough entire days working..

Apart from photography I had other passions; I was a keen writer and I was fascinated by astronomy, and so at the tender age of 23 I decided to challenge myself. I studied for a bachelor of science in Astrophysics at Hertfordshire University. Astrophysics, I found, did not allow to share time with my other passions and so for three years ninety nine percent of my time was spent studying calculus, planetary physics, cosmology etc, during which I suffered a number of setbacks, but I was not deterred. I picked myself up, licked my wounds and I graduated and got back to my photography.

The equipment I use now is a far cry from what I used when I was younger, the gear now has grown in complexity and in cost.  I currently use a Sony A6000, a Sony A7RIII and a Nikon D750 with various lenses new and vintage I use for both systems.  Why use two systems?  Well the short answer is I use what I like to use and what is best for me to get the job done.